Villa Kitrini is set in a 6,0002m olive grove, which annually produces over 300 litres of extra virgin olive oil. Throughout the winter months, the olive trees are tended and cleaned (pruned) and between November and January the crop is harvested.

The olives are shaken from the trees using traditional, non-mechanical methods. Long “comb” like beaters are used and the olives collected in large nets laid out between the trees. Approximately 8 trees are “picked” by a single person per day after which the olives nets are gathered up and the produce carefully transferred to large hessian sacks each holding around 30 Kilos of olives.





At the end of the harvest, all the sacks are taken to the local village press where the olives are squeezed and oil from the first pressing is used to produce high quality extra virgin oil. The oil is then transferred into food grade quality containers and brought back to villa Kitrini for storage, decantation into smaller containers and eventual sale. A member of the family oversees this whole process and we can guarantee that the oil comes specifically from our very own olives.


Our olive oil is made by using purely organic methods and no pesticides or manufactured fertilisers are used in its production.

This is a family run enterprise and all the work is undertaken by members of the family .


Our high quality extra virgin olive oil can be purchased in various quantities either at the time of renting the villa or by mail order via the following website:

Please order early to avoid disappointment as the oil is in great demand..